What inspires me

What inspires me to write

Writing a realistic guidebook or a genuinely motivational handbook has never been a simple walk in the park for me.

After all, I will only put together a book if there are a credible list of survivors of a known life situation or problem; - who are able to prove that they had employed a particular set of inter-related methodologies that had actually helped them to resolve the said life problem or social issue.

In other words, unless there is adequate documentation of a particular life situation that was successfully overcome or resolved through the implementation of a proven set of processes across varying demographics, I will not write.

Hence, I am only inspired by processes that have been tried and time-tested in real life situations by a large collection of people (which can include myself) across various cultural, social, and behavioral groups..

So if you asks about the things that really inspires me to write, I can safely say that …… I am motivated by genuine struggles that turned into success stories, distressing battles that turned out to be your victory, and life challenges that effortlessly evolved into truly happy ending stories.

And when people conquers their life problems, I am often encouraged to tell others how those people and myself were able to successfully turn our life obstacles into stepping stones, and what steps they can also follow, in order to achieve the same great end results.

Therefore, every single guidebook that I writes, are a realistic composition of an established process that was used by a large number of people (often including myself) to successfully resolve a particular life situation.