Never Allow Your Past Mistakes To Blackmail Your Future


Life has a very strange way of throwing things at you.

A few years ago when I had just released my third book, I happened to befriend the eldest daughter of a then active member of the US Government.
We practically met out of our interest in publishing and Western literature. Hence, we quickly developed a very close friendship that has last even to this day.

At least two times per week we would sit and discuss global issues and the things we think could have probably shape them. As such, we always had something to talk about, and which can range from politics to my personal life experiences.

Of course I had to contend sometimes with the sight of an agent watching over our hang outs which was nothing more than social.

By all accounts we were seemingly two different personalities, with two different socio-economic and societal backgrounds.

After all, this was the daughter of a US government figure with a distinguished career, while I was an emerging author struggling to defend myself against two nasty news articles about me that was making its rounds around the internet.

Thus, my mind was always provoked into thinking what her reaction may be if she should see those sensational articles.

Within weeks, I became so overwhelmed with the thought, that I simply stopped communicating with her. I felt that in the long run, our friendship will still be severed in any case.

But after not hearing from me in more than two weeks, she wrote me an email with an interesting paragraph which read “If you are thinking what I would have said when I saw those articles, then I must let you know that I had already read them long before I agreed to be your friend. And in my view, the tone of those articles purely smells of nothing more than blackmailing. But if my advice will mean anything to you, then I want to warn you that you must never ever allow your life, your dreams, and your waiting achievements to be derailed by what other people thinks or say about you. So whenever you are ready to press the resume button, be assured that my friendship will still be here waiting for you”.

Inspired by her words, I went on to pen more than a dozen more books, while gaining research journalism stints with some of the most prestigious media firms in the world, including CNN, Yahoo, and Forbes.

Ever since, life has been nothing less than an almost smooth career path for me, even in the middle of those continuously pouring negatives from my distracters.

Hence, I am now more than happy to say that “you must not to ever allow the mistakes of your past to blackmail and derail the great fortunes of your future.

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