My story

My Story

Sometimes, I hardly know from which point of my life to start telling my story.

Surprisingly, this is more of a prevalent issue for almost every one of us.

After all, most of us have restarted our lives, our dreams, and our goals so many times, that we often do not know from which one of those starting points we should start telling our stories.

So if we are to be fair, you will agree that I am not alone when I said I hardly know where to start.

But if I am to pick an early point, I can safely say that my experiences throughout the early phases and even the mid phases of my life had not been an easy one.

Overall, I discovered that life never goes according to plan, and every dream that you have would never be fulfilled; - a bitter pill that we all have to end up swallowing someday.

I had always dreamed of becoming a great Attorney, but from the first day I was arrested by a cop, and the newspapers sensationally blasted an untrue story all over their pages, I knew immediately that I would have to set that dream aside, … at least temporarily.

Nonetheless, I never regretted any of it.

Because in the end, I was able to truly discover that every dark cloud has a silver lining.

Moreover, I learned how to turn every negative experience in my life into a positive end product, and every rising obstacle into an elevator stair that subsequently lifted me to the upper realms of life where I had always wanted to be.

After all, my experiences, resolves, and solutions to many of my own life challenges have transferred me into a well-learned life-guidance author, who continues to provide workable advice and guidance to the depressed, the downtrodden, confused, the lost, and the bewildered.

As such, I cannot be more thankful for being tasked and entrusted by many, to provide them with the inspiration and guidance that is often needed to reshape their lives, via the motivational pages of my books.