Five Types of People That You Should Always Avoid


Throughout our existence, the informal rules of humanity have required that we interface with each other; – in as much that we share relationships of all kinds with other people, and even rely on them for our very own survival.

Therefore, no matter how stubborn we may try to be, we would always have to rely on someone else to do something for us or advise us at various intervals of our lives.

And each person can surely give us a different experience depending on the entire moral and behavioral structure of that person.

I can recall some good times in the mid 90’s when many of my days were spent in Kingston, Jamaica amongst various performers in the reggae fraternity.

I had enjoyed the privilege of hanging out with Luciano, Capleton, Jah Cure (before he was imprisoned), Jah Mason, Anthong B, Sizzla, and several others on the reggae side stream.

(I still have a few old films of those times when my frame and face looked much younger)

Most of the artistes that I use to chill with was in the infancy stage of making money, and was still hoping for the best.
Nonetheless, we did found time to hang out at mostly football matches and sip on whatever class of drink or juice that suits each of us.

But on one occasion, Capleton was forced to take the microphone on a sound system at one of the football matches and publicly discipline a member of the liming crew.
His take was that the man always wants, and never willing to give even though he was in a position to do so.

He practically asked the man to remove himself from his life and not to have anything to do with him again.

From the looks on his face and what he said on the microphone told me that Capleton was angry at the man’s behavior.

He later gave me a detailed description of this man’s character and some justification on why a man like that should always be avoided.

But as life and time progresses, I realized that there are many more like that stingy man that we should also avoid, if we are to live a rather happy and meaningful life.

Once you are able to avoid these types of people, then rest assure that they will never be missed by you, even in a few years down the road.

And while the list may be longer, here are five common types of life characters that you need to stay very far from.

The convenient caller

This is the kind of person that you will never hear from or that would never call you to find out if everything is ok with you.
However, they always find the time to call whenever they have a problem or whenever they need your help in a situation.

If you have friends like these, then you need to start fazing them out of your life.

The selfish material grabber

While there are people who may check for you, they can still be the ones who are checking for you because of what they can get from you.
And if you ask me, I can tell you that the selfish material grabber who always like your shoes and wants it, and who always wants everything that you have, should be avoided.

This kind of people only cares about themselves.

The ungrateful

There are some people that would teach you that no matter what you have done for them, they would never be thankful or rewarding.
An ungrateful person never appreciates or reflects upon the good that you have done for them, and would even use you to get where they want, without considering the sufferings that they must had caused you to get there.

So if you recognize that an ungrateful d*g is chipping in on you, then pull the rails and let the chips fall wherever the laws of physics says they should fall.

The back stabber

If you ask me what type of person is worst than an ungrateful d*g, then I will tell you that back stabbers are the worst
In the Bible, Judas Iscariot was well portrayed as a back stabber, just like many others after him. The damages that a back stabber usually causes are sometimes so profound that it can affect us and the people close to us for the rest of our lives.

So yes, there are friends, family members, and even spouses that would sell you for less than a dime simply because they hate you or detest whatever little progress in life that you are making.

A back stabber would smile with you in front of your face, but then gossips about you and try to derail you behind your back.

I have had to deal with quite a few of them throughout my life, and will surely have to deal with more along the way.
So if you think the back stabbing days are over, you better put your gloves on again, and get your shield ready for the next fleet of back stabbers that may be aiming at you.

The negative forces

There are some people out there who would try to take you off from every idea and efforts of progress that you want to make.
Each time they see you or need to speak to you, the only thing that comes out of their mouth is negativity.

And if you believe that words have moulding power, then you better stop these types of people from washing their mouths on you, especially in front of you. Because negativity pronounced on you in front of your face is most likely to manifest into reality than those wished upon you behind your back.

At best, you need to stop telling negative people about your dreams and aspirations, and do whatever is practically possible to keep them out of your life.

And if you succeed in doing it, then I am sure that you would succeed at everything else.

In conclusion, I hope that my list above will help you break new grounds and take control of your life from here henceforth. Good luck.

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