5 tricks men uses to hit on single moms

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April 13, 2018

5 tricks men uses to hit on single moms

Of all category of women out there, single mothers are generally an easy target for wandering men, and for many reasons.

For one, single mothers are obviously single because the relationship between themselves and the father of their child or children had not worked out, or cannot be worked out in the first place; – probably because the man is married, already otherwise committed elsewhere, is not interested, or is simply an absentee.

Hence, most of these single women lives are often centred around their child or children, which often forms the basis for them to be easy targets.

As a result, many men who are cunning enough would often target these single moms, without these parenting women realizing how easy of a walkover they can be.

And if you are wondering why, here are five main weak-points that prowling men usually targets to easily get into the heart and crotch of a single mother.

1 – Show avid interest in her child or children

When a woman is functioning as a single parent, nothing is more important to her than having someone who can be a father figure to her child or children.

Someone that will remember their birthdays, pick them up from school, follow them to the PTA meeting, follow them to the hospital, and help with the homework.

In reality, even the best men do not fulfill those obligations that easily, as their jobs or some other circumstances would often place them in defensive mode, with a preference to unevenly split the responsibilities.

Knowing this, most men on the prowl would, however, do what the child’s actual father was supposed to do, and thus demonstrate to the single mom that he is the fittest and most appropriate person to serve as a father-figure to her child or children.

And of course, that is the role that every prowling man is always willing to play, even if it takes him a few good weeks of pretense to actually get under her skirt.


2 – Pity her circumstances

Because of their circumstances and having to raise the child or children alone, most single mothers are always in a state of resentment and emotional distress over the fact that she has to raise the children alone.

And whoever is willing to give her an hearing, sides with her opinions, comfort her emotions, and show signs of distress and pity for her; that is the person she would prefer to have conversations with, consult with, and spend most of her non-parenting time with.

After all, any man who seems to be a good listener and a person who tearfully pities her would always be her first choice.

The rest of the things that happens thereafter would be nothing hard for that pitiful man to gain from her.

It is that simple.


3 – Offer her quick and needed support

If there is a credit installment to pay, a weekend grocery bill to take care of, a utility bill to be addressed, or a hospital-run to be made; single mothers admires men to seems to rise to the occasion, even if it means only once in a decade.

Their emotional side to the real elements of life is sometimes so shattered that even the smallest of favours can easily mean a lot to them.

So if a guy is in for impressing her by taking up a grocery tab or two, you bet he will quickly earn her trust and the other things that usually comes with it.

And you know what I am talking about.


4 – Give her hope

Like every other woman, single mothers have hopes and dreams that are generally centred around a home of their own, or anything that can make herself and her children comfortable and happy.

However, unlike the average woman, single mothers are often more desperate and pressing for most of her life goals to be achieved.

And because of this, the average prowling man would often take advantage of that desperation by giving them avid hope or by showing them a seemingly realistic way in which he can help her to achieve those life goals.

As a result, most single mothers often become overwhelmed by this perceived problem-solver and generally gives into their emotional demands long before they realize that the supposed problem-solver is actually on his way out.


5 – Make her feel wrecked about her past

Most men know that women have a particular natural weakness, that would usually make it easy for a man to exert control over emotions.

That weakness generally entails pushing her to feel regretted about her past; and emotionally disturbed about her current life situations.

In that way, she will be caused to see the prowling man as deserving better than her supposedly wrecked-up life.

And the more a man can cause a woman to regret her past and her current life circumstances outside of him, the more attached she would become to him.

After all, he will be regarded as the supposed protector of her emotional burdens, and the perfect father-figure for her child or children’s future.

Again, when single mothers are cornered with this supposed reality, they are often forced to comply with the bidding of a prowling man; – which can often be transferred into nothing more than his comfort zone for a limited time, at best.



Of course, it will be unfair to say that every man that approaches a single mother is coming with no good intent.

After all, there are many great stepfathers out there who were able to transfer the lives of a single mother and her child or children into a wonderful experience.

Many single mothers have found great husbands that had charmed them from the beginning and that had extended a great parental role to their children.

But if we are to put all of it into numbers, about 75% of the relationships that single mothers indulge in, does not work-out.

This is because a higher percentage of those cases simply involves prowling men.

And even so, only about 10% of the remaining 25% actually turns out to be great partners.

So if you ask me, it will mean that 90% of the single mothers today may very well have to be more guarded about their dating choices, and mostly against the tools that men use to target them.

And if you can use the above points to look for any of the early warning signs; – then it might not be a bad thing to be a more emotionally-defensive single mom after all.

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