3 life situations where friends will abandon you

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April 13, 2018

3 life situations where friends will abandon you

By most accounts, friendship forms an integral part of our daily lives, and also serves as a major element in our desires to feel included and wanted.

For mankind, our friendship with strangers are sometimes even much closer to our hearts than our relations with members of our own family.

As such, we would often divulge some of our deepest secrets, darkest fears, and general life aspirations to a particular friend, knowing that our vulnerabilities and intimidate elements of our lives will forever remain under lock and key.

By extension, we are more trusting and reliant on our friends, who would often be the first person(s) that we will call if a life situation pops up, since we feel more assured that they will come running to our rescue, no matter what.

But while that may be the case, there are certain situations in life where those very friends would most likely walk away, abandon you, or even refused to be associated with you.

And today, I will give you at least three of those situations; –


1 – If certain criminal allegations are leveled against you.

For most people, being associated with a person that is nationally labeled as a “terrorist” or a pedophile, can mean them losing their jobs, be kept under surveillance, and be banned from traveling outside of their own country, because of that mere association.

And every time someone is classified as a terrorist for even an inadvertent or carelessly spoken-word offense, reports always comes back with the indication that he or she had no friends or was a loner.

However, the truth is that whenever such a far-reaching terrorism label is placed upon someone, no one will ever want to say that they are a friend of that person or even acknowledge that they once associate themselves with that person.

In the same way, certain classes of allegations being made against you can cause even your most-trusted friends, to abandon you, even if those allegations later turned out to be untrue.


2 – If you become bankrupt

There have been too many cases where people have reported that all of their friends abandoned them after they had lost all of their savings, or had become bankrupt.

This is because, from the moment you are bankrupt, people often began to feel that they would have to carry some of your burdens by offering financial support and other forms of material assistance which can most likely have a negative impact on their financial standing too.

Thought this may not necessarily be the case, friends would most likely choose to abandon their relations with you from the moment they realized that you are bankrupt or is in some serious long-term financial debacle that would probably require them to be repeatedly bailing you out.


3 – If you lost an influential job position

One of the Finance Directors at a leading Wall Street banking institution, once lamented on TV that dozens of his friends, along with hundreds of professionals, businessmen, and other executives, once yearned for his mobile phone number because of the numerous favours that he was in a position to do for them.

But after the collapse of that bank during the 2007 global financial crisis, none of those people wanted anything to do with him, and would not even take a phone call from him.

Then the reality of his circumstances became obvious; – People who connect with you because of a particular benefit, will abandon you when that benefit is no longer there.

In essence, when friends connect with you because you are in a position of influence or in a position to help them, there is no guarantee that they would still be around to help you, if the tables should turn.

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