About the Author

D ennis E. Adonis is a motivational author, biographer, and life coach writer, whose life-guidance books are mostly based upon the experiences of multiple people (including himself); - and how they were able to successfully overcome various life situations, after following a particular process or plan, over an extended period of time.

Though he has published more than twenty other novels, children books, and educational titles, his writings in recent times has been more focused on various life-situations and the many practical solutions that we can use to effectively address or solve them.

For a man who was dragged through the gutters of life’s ridicules, but still miraculously managed to overcome it all, and lead a largely successful empire, it is only natural for us to ask him, “how it can be done?”

And thanks to his writings, the answers and instructions are now clearly written in his various life-guidance books.

For many who have read those books, they have all agreed that Adonis has repeatedly proven that no matter how daunting, impossible, or haunting a life situation can be; - we all have the untouched ability and perseverance to overcome it.

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