If you should make an online scan through the bookshelves of some of the most respected bookstores in the world, or shuttle through the collections of recommended reading lists within the bookstores at most major airports  in Europe, Africa, North America, or even Australasia, you are bound to find an English or translated  title that was written by Guyanese author Dennis E. Adonis.

Even on the academic listing of many libraries within a section of universities in Europe, and the Middle East, to a handful of university bookshelves in the United States, you will discover that his writings are slowly beginning to make its own mark on international academics and global literature.

As at November, 2015, he has written and published 22 different full length books, with an additional four novels slated for release from the 12th to 14th April, 2016, during the London Book Fair at Olympia; but not before the release of his third CSEC/CAPE Information Technology textbook at the University of the West Indies at Mona, Jamaica, in December 2015.

Born in October 1975, and raised in Guyana (an English speaking country in South America), Dennis Adonis was more known as a musician, a troubled businessman and a mid level web developer before a stint in England during 2010 saw him leaving his complex past behind after making a successful breakthrough in technical writing for Samsung through Learning Tree Publishing.

From there on, his success story grew into more than twenty published books in five different languages; and a stream of writing assignments with more than a dozen international news media outlets including CNN, Forbes, and the Epoch Times.

And even though he is a professional software engineer, and a recording artiste by profession, his successes in international journalism and book writing has drown them out in as much that most people on the international scene only knows him for his many books and news writing stints.

A father of six children, and an advocate of children rights, he also spends a lot of time developing specialize literary content for children with autism. As such, all of his works and income in this regard are always directly donated towards various charities dealing with the subject of children and autism.

Today, he lives between the Netherlands Antilles and the UK, as he seeks to revive his primary career as a recording artiste. He is also revamping his push for a career in film, which might only be a stone throw away, come late 2016.